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Senior Daily Care

Elite Senior Day Center differentiates itself from other daily care services as it specializes on the care of a person as a whole, with programming based around the Six Dimensions of Wellness: Vocational, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional enhancing basic care needs. We provide a full array of daily care services plus opportunities for socialization to our Members at a more affordable rate than similar Assisted Living or continuous In-Home Care options.

As the sister company of Elite Home Care we uniquely understand the implications of deciding to seek daily care outside of the home. We take that responsibility and trust placed in us very seriously and are fully committed to delivering a superior experience to our Clients and Members.

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Elite Senior Day Center is a medical Adult Day Care provider enabling Seniors to maintain their independence longer and prevent premature entrance into long term care facilities.
With an RN on site responsible for health assessments, medication management, and chronic disease oversight, Elite Senior Day Center can alleviate caregiver’s concerns about their loved one missing critical medication doses and appropriate chronic disease management such as Diabetes testing.
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At Elite Senior Day Center our experienced caregivers are trained to promote independence with activities of daily living, appropriately redirect Seniors struggling with memory concerns, and  promote a caring and joyful environment for Seniors to enjoy.

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At Elite Senior Day Center we provide programming specialized for those challenged with memory concerns. With a fully secured center, caregiver’s can enjoy the consistent respite provided to them on a daily basis knowing their loved one is safe and in an environment promoting socialization and wellness based activity programming.

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A nutritious hot meal and snacks are provided daily for our Member’s. These meals are provided through Senior Catering and are Registered Dietician approved.
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A planned, well-balanced program of activities addressing the Six Dimensions of Wellness (vocational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional) will be offered by the center’s staff and volunteers to present various programming options and encourage member participation.
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Transportation to and from the Center is available for an additional charge of 0.95 cents per mile. Transportation to medical appointments and caregivers to accompany Member’s to medical appointments are also available through Elite Home Care, LLC.
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Theratage Rehab Services, Inc. is a therapist owned and operated provider of physical and occupational therapy services. We strive to deliver the highest quality of therapy to our Home Health, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living partners, which will now be available in a Day Center setting through our partnership with Elite Senior Day Center of Spartanburg.
Since its inception in 2007, TRS’ commitment to excellence, quality of care, and service to others, has been paramount. Our goal is to provide the best care possible by employing caring and committed therapists of the highest possible caliber. Having a family of therapists who shares the same values and enthusiasm toward rehabilitation is a vital key to achieving successful outcomes for all members we serve.

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LTC Health Solutions has a developed a partnership with Elite Senior Day Center to provide on-site access to physician services. Through our innovative partnership, unlike any provider of adult day services offered in the past, we can care for your loved one in a proactive manor. LTC Health Solutions can provide all medical services needed to transition your loved one into the Day Center. We can oversee medication administration and reconcile medications while providing sick visits as needed for your loved one.


Long Term Care Costs Compared

Senior Day Centers like Elite Senior Center offer many advantages including being the most affordable long-term care option for yourself or your loved ones. The following cost comparison was taken from a national survey conducted by Genworth Financial comparing the costs of various forms of long-term care. The below cost statistics are specific to the Spartanburg, SC area. To view the whole survey and methodology please click the link below the statistics.

Image Credit To Genworth Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.